Meme Girls seeks to fill a gap in the current media space where there is an opportunity to reach young women and the influential people in their lives with inspirational and intellectual exploration of the ever important “what do I want to be when I grow up?” question, with an informative, fun and creative program that is presented by middle school and high school girls. The show seeks to deliver information, start conversations, pose questions, challenge stereotypes and prejudices with the girls leading the way for each other:  it’s girls conversing with their peers, interviewing a variety of professionals and experts, asking questions and interpreting newly gathered information from their - the 13-17 year old’s -  point of view. 

This series will establish empathy and trust between the cast of young women and the target audience of individuals of the same age, who are all on journeys to find themselves, form their own identity, make choices about their future... Each episode will disseminate valuable information through interviews with knowledgeable professionals from a variety of fields, and make the findings easy to digest with the help of motion graphics and the cast summarizing things in their “shareable on social media” way. The Meme Girls will challenge stereotypes, prejudices, and conventional norms through thought-provoking conversations with their interview subjects, and each other.  By giving young women and girls the mic and the platform at a critical stage in their development, the show aims to empower girls as a trusted source of entertainment and education to drive positive self-image. We hope it will be a breath of fresh air against consumerism, the glorification of outer beauty, and the prevalence of fluffy “girl talk” in the current media space.